Who We Are

We are a team of investors that share a passion for entrepreneurship.


We understand and appreciate the risks involved in building a business from scratch and the importance of capital to a company’s success.


We invest in strong management teams with bold ideas who we actively support to achieve success.


We are industry agnostic.  Our investments span a variety of industries; however, we have a particular affinity for consumer facing brands.


We are not focused on finding the next billion dollar company; rather, we focus on finding extremely talented entrepreneurs with great business that we can help grow to profitability.


We are active investors and we pride ourselves on being one degree separated from both the entrepreneurs in whom we invest and the people and resources they need to succeed.


With backgrounds in finance, private equity, law and real estate, we have a deep network and diverse skill set that we bring to each company in which we invest.


We are One Degree Ventures.

Stephen Wendell


Ryan Reich


Stephen Harrington